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June 28, 2023

Do I need Anti Fatigue Mats in My Workplace?

There are a few things to think about when considering the purchase of anti fatigue rubber matting. Let's discuss a few of the less obvious considerations.

Do I need Anti Fatigue Mats In My Workplace
Anti fatigue mats in the workplace

Do you stand on hard flooring?

Standing for long periods of time can cause the body some damage, in both short and long term. The level of and speed in which bodily damage occurs greatly depends on the hardness of the floor on which you stand, and should be taken into consideration when buying an anti fatigue mat.

Concrete is a common material used in flooring, often in manufacturing and processing environments. It is extremely hard and inflexible, and quickly induces the undesirable symptoms of standing for long periods: aching legs, back and neck, headaches, lack of concentration etc.

Most people are well aware that concrete causes this, and so take appropriate precautions to ensure their staff are well looked after. What people do not realise is that even more flexible floor surfaces such as laminates and wood flooring are only marginally better than concrete, and are not sufficient in providing good support to those who stand for extended amounts of time - anti fatigue mats will be required here, too.

How much do you move around at work?

If you stand up for work for the majority of the day, you still may not need an anti fatigue mat. Why? Anti fatigue mats are essential when the operator is stood up in the same working area for extended periods of time.

This is because when stood up with little movement, the blood becomes stagnant and muscles constrict, leading to the onset of muscle tension, and the other symptoms involved in standing for long periods.

Anti fatigue mats are designed specifically for those who do not have to walk up and down all day. For those that do work stood up but walk around a lot, and feel foot and lower back pain, you may want to try specialized trainers.

What environments are anti fatigue mats designed for?

Many people understand the obvious benefits of anti fatigue matting, but do not realise the wide range of applications in which they can be used. Traditionally, anti fatigue mats were used for those in processing lines in factories or work in manufacturing – they were seen as an industrial item.

Today, mats are used in a wide variety of uses. Hairdressers, shop kiosks, kitchens, bars and restaurants are all examples of where anti fatigue mats have been implemented.

If you have a question on anti fatigue mats, or would like some advice, please get in touch. View this article discussing some health and safety elements involved in the workplace which may concern you if you're thinking about investing in matting.

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