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June 10, 2023

A Mini Guide To Your Non Slip Mats

Slips and trips are the biggest cause of injury in the workplace, making up a 3rd of all major injuries at work. HSE claim this to cost the industry over £500 million every year, and we feel this is surely a fact that can’t go ignored. Non slip matting plays a huge role in reducing these accidents, and are an essential product in providing a safer environment to walk and work in.

Non Slip Matting

Non Slip Matting is often known as slip resistance mats, anti slip mats or safety mats.

Asides from cost of injury, employers may also face the risk of lawsuits and litigation, which could cost the business time and money, as well as taking emphasis away from what is important – productivity. Spotting these risk areas and eradicating these issues is of paramount importance. Typically, the areas which are prone to slips and trips usually have some of the following traits.

  • Tiles with a smooth, shiny surface that are in a wet environment, or in contact with moisture.
  • Vinyl, wood, or other smooth floor surfaces in contact with oils, dust, debris or water.
  • Areas where spillages have not been cleared up efficiently.
  • Wet areas in general i.e., around swimming pools, doorway entrances.

There are a variety of anti slip mats designed for a wide range of applications. Each offer fantastic slip resistance and drainage for water, and has unique properties that suit different traffic environments and different conditions. For example, non slip matting designed for increased safety on rooftop walkways are much more heavy duty than the matting found in changing rooms, which tend to be lightweight, flexible and some even offer anti fungal properties for improved hygiene. Needless to say, there is more into buying anti slip mats than initially meets the eye.

Below is a short list of areas that benefit from the use of a non slip mat.

Non Slip Matting For Wet Areas

Anti slip mats are vital where ever water and people are present. Public areas are high risk environments, and any accident whether it be your fault or not can put you in the firing line. Swimming pools, changing room areas, outside saunas and steam rooms, shower rooms. The list goes on. Matting for these type of applications often contain anti-microbial properties which make them very hygienic. Perfect for barefoot areas.

Non Slip Matting For The Workplace

It is highly important to have a grip underfoot in working environments, as there are more risks involved than a slip or trip. Employees who work in the workplace could be operating heavy machinery or working with tools, and a slip or trip could be extremely dangerous. Non slip mats are essential in these areas to ensure your workforces safety.

Workplace environments that should be investing in anti slip mats are areas such as workstations, manufacturing, production and sorting lines and other handling areas. Non only do these mats help to prevent slips from moisture such as water or oils where a leak could have spread, but they also reduce the risk of slipping on the debris that has fallen from the workstation.

Debris causes many slip related accidents every year and is often an overlooked issue in the workplace. Matting specifically designed for anti slip purposes is usually open grid (meaning there are large holes between the matting build) and allow for great drainage of liquids and debris alike.

Allowing debris to fall through the gaps in the matting means there is a safe surface to walk on. The holes capture the debris and wastage and hold it until the debris is cleaned away.

Non Slip Matting For Entrances

Entrance ways are the most common area for slips related accidents to happen in the workplace. This is due to excessive moisture being brought in from outside and either no entrance mat, poor quality mats or the wrong entrance mat for its intended environment are being used and so are unable of fulfilling their role.

Mat Centre’s non slip entrance mats are high performing products, and we have highlighted on each product page exactly where, and in what type of environment each mat should be used (see our buyers guide for more info).

Up to 80% of dirt in a building is tracked in and deposited off the soles of peoples’ shoes or from the tyres of wheels. For this reason, Mat Centre’s anti slip entrance mats are designed differently to that of swimming pool mats and other wet area matting.

Due to the nature and positioning of entrance mats, they need to be able to collect dirt, absorb moisture and have anti slip properties and so are manufactured to do just that.

Non Slip Mats For Outdoor Walkways

It is paramount that outdoor walkways such as rooftops and gantries have an anti slip surface for the obvious reasons. A tough, all weather mat would provide a safe footing on sloping and high-up walkways. Again, these types of slip resistant mats will be open grid and provide effective drainage leaving the surface of the mat as dry and hazard free as possible.

Mat Centre: Non-Slip Mats

Non Slip Mat for Catering, Kitchen, Food Processing and Bar Areas

Anti slip mats are becoming ever-increasingly present in these types of areas as laws and regulations tighten up. The sheer amount of liquid on floors in these areas means that the risk of slips and trips are high, and so need special attention.

There is a range of slip resistant mats built for each and every environment. Catering and food processing environments often have animal fats and oils present, so mats containing nitrile have been made specifically for these areas as nitrile is a highly resistant and hard wearing material.

Slip resistant mats for bar areas is often made out of rubber, and designed in such a way that will cushion the impact of dropped glass and bottles, thus reducing the danger hazard of broken glass and the cost involved in replacing goods.

This articles aim was to give you an insight into the types of non slip matting available, and how each differs in terms of intended use and material. As you can see, there is more to getting the right anti slip mat than meets the eye, and ensuring you do purchase the right mat could increase life span and performance of your mat.

Mat Centre has a whole host of anti slip mats and we’re sure you’ll find the right mat for you. Please get in touch if you need assistance with finding the right mat for your needs and we will endeavor to help as much as we can. Read our article on how use of a non slip mat can help reduce slips and trips in the workplace.

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