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The Various Uses For Anti Slip Mats

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This is a short guide to highlight some of the many ways non slip can be used with your business.

Non slip mats are a convenience that have risen in popularity over recent years by businesses across multiple sectors, and the product itself has diversified into multiple uses: commercial, in a variety of industries as well as leisure and domestic spaces.

They are highly a practical and affordable safety item that can be used both indoors and outdoors, depending on how their design and properties. Educate yourself on non-slip mats and their various uses, so as to get the best out of these unobtrusive and inexpensive investments. 

What are non-slip mats? 

Non-slip mats are essentially a mat constructed of materials which create resistance when in contact with other matter. There is 2 important factors to an anti slip mate:

1)    It is very important that the base in made from rubber/ nitrile to ensure there is no movement from the bottom of the mat and the floor or surface in which the mat is laid on.

2)    The top surface needs to be slip resistant.

The second bullet may sound obvious to most, but it is important that the right mat is bought for the right application. For example, you may have bought a non slip mat which is designed for indoor use in entranceways, but is being used outside. In this instance, despite the mat having non slip properties, would actually fail as it is being used in the wrong way.

Let’s discuss the various areas in which you may want to use your anti slip mat. 

Industrial Uses 

 You will mostly find the rubber or nitrile mats to be used in factories, machinery areas and production lines. Not only are these areas frequently prone to water but they also require levels of concentration, with an element of danger if concentration lapses. Many of this type of non slip mat also provides anti fatigue properties which help keep the worker focused and away from the pain of standing for long periods.

Many of these are particularly durable, and thicker than indoor non slip mats for entranceways. Some can even withstand demanding environments with encounter grease and oils.

There is a different type of non slip rubber matting which is used for walkways and rooftops. You’ll find this is always a cross-ribbed design so to allow for drainage of any build up of liquids.  

Mats designed for wet areas tend to have additional drainage features and textures that support quick drainage. Many industrial designs allow multiple mats to be connected to cover larger areas. Many of these mats are designed with specific applications in mind.


Open-slot rubber mats are typically used in forklifts, wheeled carts, catwalks, gratings etc. Water-resistant or oil and grease-resistant mats are also available for use in greasy factory areas that pose a hazard for workers. Depending on the area

Commercial Uses

Non slip mats are found in all areas in the commercial sector. Typically, they are used in entranceways of shops and malls to add a level of safety to visitors, as well as reducing the risk of slips of trips which could in turn lead to the risk of potential law suits.

For use in commercial spaces like food bars, food prep areas, cooking lines, bars and waitress stations, many non-slip mats have a special anti-fatigue design and cushioning for additional comfort. In these areas mats with bevelled edges are ommon so to ensure things like food carts and trolleys are able to get over them with ease. Bevelled edges also help to reduce the risk of tripping. 

The benefit of using anti-slip mats in commercial spaces is that it reduces the risk of injuries. Protecting customers from accidental falls at slippery doorways or floor spaces will also keep away expensive lawsuits. Protecting workers in commercial buildings and workplaces and providing them with comfort and safety will help to avoid workers' comp claims and reduce accidents at the workplace. Slip-resistant mats in kitchens and cooking lines in particular should be grease-resistant for greater durability. 

Leisure and Safety Uses 

Saunas, swimming pools and changing rooms often use these mats to keep visitors safe from slippage. They are also used in weight rooms, horse trailers and ice rinks for safety. Many mats are anti-fungal, which is especially useful in public places and in kitchens for protection against micro-organisms. 

Non-slip dash mats can be placed on the dashboard and hold your keys, phones, coins etc. without slipping off every time the car brakes. They are used inside shower stalls and outside bathtubs for safety, especially in the homes of seniors where safety is essential for independence. Many of these mats are machine washable, making it convenient to wash after every use and preventing mildew.  

Safety should never be a compromise, whether it is in a factory, the kitchen of a Michelin star restaurant or the bathroom of a senior who lives alone. Non-slip mats offer a cheap yet reliable protection against falls, that can protect loved ones, save money that would otherwise be spent on lawsuits by clients or employees, and generally bolster the confidence of customers in a shopping mall or other commercial space. 

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