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Door Mats - Do you need one?

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Looking for Entrance or Door Mats?

Despite the sunshine gracing the UK with its warmth lately, it inevitably wasn’t going to last forever, and just like that, the rain has returned.     

When you have business premises, the presence of rain should also mean the presence of entrance mats. Door mats provide a multitude of benefits; from keeping floors clean, to improving aesthetics, to reducing maintenance costs, but most importantly it is a legal requirement to keep floors safe for your customers and visitors to walk on. Slips and trips are the most common cause of major injury in the workplace. 90% of which results in broken bones and even more serious accidents are not uncommon. These accidents cost the industry over £500 million every year! Legal action is unfortunately common these days, and it is important to realise that insurance only covers a portion of these claims. The reason is because most slips and trips in the workplace are due to wet or dirty floors. This is why it is important to invest in an entrance mat that is suitable for your entrance environment. 

Before buying your door mats, it is important to consider the area you’re buying for i.e. how busy is it? This will give you an idea of how tough your mats should be, and how much of an area should be covered. For example, for a busy commercial entrance such as a shopping centre, it would be beneficial to invest in a larger door mat that is designed for intense traffic, as it will ensure the mat maintains its high quality performance in any condition. Outdoor entrance mats will ensure mud and debris is removed from feet, wheelchair and trolley wheels, whilst the indoor entrance mats will help to remove any remaining moisture.

We know it is not always feasible for your business to have outdoor and indoor entrance mats, which is why we offer dual-performance mats. These are door mats that can scrape dirt and debris and also wipe moisture, and are perfect solution for premises where indoor entrance mats are the only viable option. These types of mats will not always be noticeable in looks, but will be constructed from a combination of soft and rigid fibres which act to perform the whole cleaning process in one.

One you have your entrance mats, make sure you take good care of it! Matting which is well looked after can greatly increase its life span. Take a look at our article on ‘How To Care For Your Matting’ for some hints and tips on giving your mat the right treatment for a long life.

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