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How To Care For Your Matting

Written by  John F.
Care for your Entrance Matting Care for your Entrance Matting

How To Care For Your Matting

We have put some information together to help you get the most out of your matting. Taking good care of your mat should ensure it extend its lifetime and stays fresher for longer.

 Indoor Entrance Mats

Indoor entrance mats are designed to absorb moisture, dirt and dust, and they do their jobs very well. They tend to get built up very quickly, especially in busy traffic areas so we highly recommend you give the top surface a sweep every couple of days, and a vacuum once a week.

Tip: Don’t forget to sweep underneath your mat on a weekly basis.


In order to keep your indoor entrance mat looking its very best, it is recommended to periodically shampoo it. Simply apply a neutral synthetic detergent with water and massage in with a brush, and finish by rinsing through with water. Dry the mat by simply airing out, leaving the mat on an inclined angle so water can freely run from the mat. Do not wash above 40°C.

Removing Stains

Removing stains from your entrance mat is relatively pain free. A damp sponge or cloth with a gentle carpet cleaner will usually clean your mat from most stains, however in case of oil or grease stains, we recommend you use a dry cleaning fluid to blot the stain until it is removed.

Storage and Handling

Roll the mat into a tight roll ensuring the pile is outward facing. Do not store the mat under weight to avoid crushing and damaging the vinyl backing. Store your indoor entrance mat in a cool dry environment.


Anti Fatigue Mats, Anti-Slip/Non-Slip Mats, and Outdoor Entrance Mats

Moulded Rubber, Nitrile and PVC Mats

A high-pressure hose (124 bar max) can be used to hose down the mat. If there are stains remaining, you may use hot water (up to 70°C), and the use of a mild soap or detergent. Do not clean gritted mats with high-pressure.

Vinyl Top Matting

Use a broom or brush to sweep the surface of the mat on a regular basis. A mild soap or detergent may also be used, applied by a damp mop.

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