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The Rise of Anti Fatigue Mats

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The Rise Of The Anti Fatigue Mat

Anti Fatigue Mats are becoming an increasingly popular product among industrial and leisure businesses alike. But why the sudden interest?

Due to an increased level of attention being placed around the topic of employee and consumer safety, combined with the newfound ease of taking legal action should an unfortunate event occur in the workplace, we have noticed a shift in priorities when it comes to company spend, and this is apparent across every sector. More focus is now being placed on the purchase of health and safety products to minimize the risks of danger within a business premises.

How Anti Fatigue Mats Can Help.

One method of dealing with the pressure to create a safer user environment has been to apply the use of anti fatigue mats. These are mats designed to provide a number of health benefits to the user whilst creating a safer environment, and are being installed everyday across businesses worldwide, from premises such as factories and manufacturing lines, to consumer facing businesses such as leisure centre’s and hairdressers.

Anti fatigue mats are most useful when the user is standing upright in excess of 40 minutes. Research has stated that after this time, the user starts to lose concentration, feels pain throughout various locations on the body and finds it hard to stand. Some of the health benefits that anti fatigue mats provide is improving blood circulation, posture and ensuring the user does not lose concentration (especially important if they are operating machinery!).

Due to the cost-efficient benefits a correctly used anti fatigue mat has, they are now a common feature within businesses, and as such, have been manufactured in a wide array of shapes, sizes and colours; each having a different functionality and a best-suited application. Some anti fatigue mats also include other beneficial features such as anti-slip properties that increase the level of safety in wet area environments, whilst ensuring the users’ wellbeing. This choice in variety will allow you to find the best anti fatigue mats for your intended application whilst not sacrificing any level of aesthetic within your business.

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