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Introducing the Orthomat Ultimate Rubber Matting

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We are delighted to introduce the Orthomat Ultimate to Mat Centre’s range of anti fatigue mats.

The Orthomat Ultimate completes the Orthomat range, and sits as the premium mat alongside the Orthomat and the Orthomat Safety.

The Ultimate is one of the more exciting mats in the anti fatigue mat industry, as it takes the incredible comfort and fatigue relief properties from the Orthomat’s high density foam layer, and encapsulates that in a revolutionary Polynit material which is flame-retardant and resilient to most oils and chemicals making it one of the tougher, yet affordable anti fatigue mats in the industry.

Whilst being as comfortable as the Orthomat, the Orthomat Ultimate’s unique raised diamond pattern adds increased slip resistance and helps to trap swarf without damaging the mat.

This unique anti fatigue mat was nominated as a finalist for the Tomorrow’s Health & Safety Awards 2015.

If you would like more info on how anti fatigue mats work, this blog post should help to give you a better understanding. Follow this link to our product range.

Additional Product Testing Information:

  • Slip Resistance tested to R11 under DIN 51130:2010.

In tests conducted by COBA, Orthomat® Ultimate showed no visible signs of corrosion or damage when fully submerged in both of the following chemicals:

  • Castrol Alpha SP 320 Industrial Extreme Pressure Gear Oil 

  • Pac 89 – Phosphoric Acid Cleaner 
Fire Test Results: 
The results of the BS EN ISO 11952-2:2002 test indicate the same meets the requirements of a Class EFL. It should be noted that this is only class that can be achieved when tested to this method alone. 

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