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Anti Fatigue Mats - Benefits on a Budget

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Anti fatigue mats workplace Anti fatigue mats workplace Anti fatigue mats workplace

Health and safety at work has been a hot topic over recent years, and is receiving more attention and media coverage from public figures and the press than ever before.

Anti Fatigue Mats Help Improve Business Performance

Accidents within the workplace are an unfortunately a common occurrence, companies are under more pressure than ever to ensure their business premises are as safe for employees and customers’ to be in. It is reported that slips and trips alone cost the industry over £500 million every year. Matting products are a quantifiable solution which helps to reduce this figure, but what about the indirect costs from sick employees or employees who are not being productive as they should be?

It is estimated that millions of pounds every year is lost through these means, and that companies are exhausting their funds of hiring temporary staff to fill the void of ill staff, or simply to help increase production.

What are anti fatigue mats? Anti fatigue mats, known as ergonomic mats, are a simple and effective type of rubber matting that focuses on improving the users wellbeing. They are designed in such a way that they encourage the user to make very small, but continual adjustments in position to rebalance themselves. Through this simple technique, the user receives many health benefits such as increased blood flow, reduced risk of bodily pain i.e. back or neck pains, and vastly improved concentration. All of these positives are great for the user but in actual fact they have a dramatic impact on the business too.

A study conducted by Redha Taiar proved that after just 40 minutes of standing, people started to lose concentration on the task at hand. This is because they were becoming fatigued an experiencing discomfort in areas of their body – from headaches and dizziness, to back and neck pain, to pins and needles in the legs and feet. Not only did the study prove that that the user was more alert concentrated and without pains, it could also directly associate this improvement with an increased rate of productivity (and ultimately turnover) in the workplace. 

Anti fatigue mats certainly aren't the only answer to improving safety in the workplace, nor will they eliminate the fact that the workplace can be a dangerous place to be (some more than others, depending on environment). They do however provide quatifiable positive results to both the users long term health, and the business, which makes them a very cost effective and valuable investment. Reach this article to find out if you need anti fatigue mats in your workplace.


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