Buyers Guide

Please use our guide below as an aid to help you find the mat suitabe for your intended application. Look for these icons on the product pages to give you a quick and simple overview of the products capabilities. 

Moderate Traffic Moderate Traffic: Suitable for light/moderate foot traffic. Ideal in offices, retail and other similar areas.

Heavy Traffic Heavy Traffic: Suitable for moderate/heavy foot traffic. Ideal for busy offices, retail and commercial areas.

Intensive Traffic Intensive Traffic: Suitable for heavy/intensive foot traffic in busy public and commercial areas.

Oil Resistant  Oil Resistant: Oil resistant matting, suitable for use in industrial environments where oil is in being used.

Anti-Fatigue Anti Fatigue Mats: Alleviates stress from lower back, leg joints and major muscle groups; Promotes blood circulation and good posture.

Antislip Slip-Resistant: Matting with added traction to provide a safer surface for walking.

Wheelchair Accessibility Wheelchair Access: Low profile matting with bevelled edges to allow easy access for wheelchairs, suitcase wheels or carts.

Washable Washable: Machine washable matting.

Absorbing Absorbing: Matting capable of absorbing and retaining good amounts of water.

Protection Protection: Providing protection to dropped items by softening the impact.

Drainage Drainage: Designed to allow for drainage of water. Useful in wet areas.

Oil Grease Resistant Oil/Grease Resistant: High resistance to oil, grease and chemicals. Ideal for kitchen or food processing areas.

Insulation Insulation: Prevention of losing body heat through cold flooring.

Dirt Scraping Dirt Scraper: Matting designed to scrape dirt, mud and debris from soles of feet.

Welding Welding: Flame retardant matting designed for such areas as welding bays.