Orthomat Ultimate Anti Fatigue Mats

55( 4 )
£ 40.00 each


Born from the sheer popularity and success of the Orthomat, the Orthomat Ultimate has been­­­­­ designed with all the great features of the Orthomat, plus a re-design in composition making it one of the most comfortable, yet durable mats in the business.

Encapsulated in Polynit material, the Orthomat Ultimate is resistant to most oils and chemicals, and is designed to perform in virtually any environment.

Like the traditional Orthomat, the soft foam layer provides great comfort and anti fatigue properties, reducing the many health issues which are associated with standing for long periods of time.

The diamond design surface provides great slip resistance, and improves grip between mat and foot by trapping swarf and liquid in the troughs. It is a relatively thin mat at only 10mm ensuring trip hazards are minimized. 

For those looking for a tough yet comfortable anti fatigue mat suitable for dry, wet or oily conditions, the Orthomat Ultimate will certainly meet your needs.

  • Slip Resistance tested to R11 under DIN 51130:2010.
  • Fire Tested
  • Product height 10mm.

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