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Entra-Stop is an ideal indoor non-slip door mat for any business entrance with light to medium foot traffic that requires increased anti slip protection for staff and visitors, whilst boosting the professional appeal of the business. The crush resistant surface is highly absorbent allowing for effective wiping and retention of water until mat is drained. 

The quick drying nature of the surface also allows the mat to keep its level of slip resistance high at all times whilst maintaining that new look.

The Entra-Stop comes in 4 rich colours: Black, Red, Blue and Brown.

The PVC backing ensures that the mat does not slide or give movement when used.

  • Pile Height 4mm.
  • Pile material – 100% polypropylene
  • Primary backing – Collback TM80
  • Product Height 7mm.
  • Total weight – 2.7 kg/m2

Moderate Traffic  Absorbing  Wheelchair Accessibility

Rturn to non slip door mats

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