Door Mats and Entrance Matting

Your business entrance is the first point of contact customers and visitors will have with your business premises, and where first impressions are formed. Door mats provide a multitude of benefits from great aesthetics that improve the presentation of your business, to ensuring a safe environment to walk in.

Did you know? 
Slips and trips in the workplace cost employers £500 million every year?

Door Mats are a great low cost solution to help reduce this figure. With an increased focus on health and safety, it is important to ensure the entrance area of your business is a safe area to walk. Mat Centre offers a comprehensive range of indoor and outdoor door and entrance mats to suit all traffic volumes and environments, and are extremely effective at trapping dirt and absorbing moisture ensuring no mess gets tracked into your premises. A dry, clean entrance ensures a safe environment to walk in, reducing the amount of accidents that happen in entrances.

Asides from improving safety and appearance of an entrance area, door mats also reduce the amount of wear and tear to floors, which plays a vital role in reducing cleaning and maintenance costs.

Explore our range of door mats and entrance matting, and remember to use the buyers guide icons on the product pages to help find the right mat for you.