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Catering and Food Processing Area Mats 

Grease and liquids are constantly present in kitchens, bars and food processing areas, making slippery floors a common hazard.

Mat Centre’s kitchen and catering mats combine a number of factors to ensure the safest, and most comfortable environment to work in. All of Mat Centre’s kitchen and catering mats provide excellent anti-slip properties to ensure a sure footing in slippery environments, and anti-fatigue benefits which relieve fatigue from standing.

Included within this range are mats that are resistant to oils, grease and chemicals, as well as hygienic mats that contain anti-microbial properties that are designed specifically for catering and kitchen environments which prevent the growth of bacteria.

Apart from the health and safety benefits of kitchen and catering matting, choosing to invest in such matting also provides long-term cost-savings by helping reduce the amount of smashed glass and broken equipment. All in all – a solid investment.

All of Mat Centre’s carefully selected kitchen and catering area mats are of premium quality and ensure high performance and long life in demanding environments.