Anti Fatigue Mats - Rubber Matting

Anti Fatigue Mats, are a type of rubber matting also known as safety mats or ergonomic mats, are products that are specifically designed especially for people who have to stand for the majority of their working life. They are a cost effective, pro-active solution to health risks associated with standing for prolonged periods on hard floors - something millions of us do every single day at work. Without them, there can be serious implications on staff welfare, producitvity and absenteism.

Long-term health concerns can include varicose veins, arthritis in the knees and hips, heel problems, backache, achilles tendonitis, and other orthopaedic changes such as flat feet. Short-term issues include discomfort, swelling of joints, and aches and pains in muscles and joints. This leads to a lack of concentration, and in turn, accidents and injuries! 

Anti fatigue mats are a special kind of rubber matting which are ergonomically designed to alleviate fatigue and physical stress caused by standing for prolonged periods. Many of Mat Centre’s anti fatigue mats also include other benefits such as slip-resistance, protection for dropped items i.e. glass, or insulation from cold floors, so we're sure you'll find the right mat for you in our range. 

Studies conducted by the Department of Industrial Engineering at the Centre for Ergonomics, observed the impact of standing on hard floors compared to standing on anti fatigue mats.

These studies provided conclusive evidence that anti fatigue mats have a positive impact on the user in many forms. Comfort whilst standing was the main positive attribute mentioned, while some went deeper into saying that because they are comfortable in standing, they have less aches and pains, and that they can concentrate, thus leading to a higher performance at work.

Standing on hard floors for excessive periods of time can cause serious health problems. Muscles can be constricted, meaning that the blood cannot flow around the body as steadily powerfully as it should. It is when blood flow becomes weak that aches in joints and muscles become apparent.

Long term damage can include serious foot conditions, such as flattening of the feet, pronation or supination of the feet, back pain, poor posture, varicose veins, headaches…the list really does go on.

Anti fatigue rubber mating not only provides a warmer surface to stand on, which eliminates the loss of body heat, but also encourage the body to make continuous micro movements to keep stabilised.

As the body is constantly making these tiny movements, the blood is unable to become stagnant, and so user comfort is increased, along with improved concentration.

With an ever-increasing range of anti fatigue mats, it is easy to find one to suit the look of your business, no matter what sector you’re in. These anti fatigue mats are not just used in manufacturing lines anymore, in fact they are becoming more mainstream and are often found in commercial and residential kitchens, bar areas and restaurants, shop kiosks, hairdressers, and many more.

If you would like help deciding on the right anti fatigue rubber matting for you, then please contact us and we will be glad to help. Alternatively, check out our Anti Fatigue Mat Hub Page which hosts a range of educational content for you to learn about these speacial types of mat.